La Luz Trail Information

La Luz Trail Head and Parking area is Open

La Luz trail gives you panoramic views of Albuquerque.

As you hike you are treated to ever-changing views of cliffs and trees and wildflowers.
The wildflowers are amazing many are unfamiliar.
After hiking up the trail take the tram ride down and have someone pick you up.
The walk back to the trail head is hot in the summer and there is no shade.

Click this link for information on the world class Sandia Peak Tramway

At the crest the Ten 3 restaurant is now open. The old High Finance restaurant atop the Tram was demolished and a new facility to replace it is open.

About The La Luz Trail

Trail Length: 8-9 miles
Level of difficulty: Strenuous. Take plenty of water and high- energy food, and give yourself plenty of time to descend before darkness.
Altitude range: 7,000 to10,378 (At the junction of La Luz and Spur Trail 84, you can choose to go left to the Sandia Crest House, the highest point in the Sandias at 10,678 feet.)
Times to go: Late spring, summer and well into fall. The trail is open sunrise to sunset, daily. Check Current Fire Dangers and Restrictions
Careful: Be prepared for unexpected weather changes and a full day of hiking if you plan to reach the crest. Take rain gear and warm jackets, and make sure everyone in your party is physically up to the challenge. Hiking part way and turning around is a good plan when first starting out.
Always stay on the trail.
Water: 2 quarts per person min. Also take food and snacks for the trip.

For Current Conditions

Call the Sandia Ranger Station
505 281-3304
for day to day news. .

Cibola National Forest

Read more about the Cibola National Forest click here


Sandia Mountain Wilderness, Cibola National Forest (Available at Sandia Ranger Station)

Here are some photos

rocky trail

A Really Rocky Trail

The trail is tricky, some times switchbacks uo the side of a rockslide, Make sure your footware has ankle support.

The early part of the trail

The first half of the trail is nice and well maintained.

Ponderosa Pine

Beautiful trees like ponderosa pine grow in the middle of the hike.

Old Twisted Tree

This old twisted juniper is right on the trail.

Great Views Near the Top

Every twist and turn leads to new spectacular views.

View of Albuquerque

You are rewarded by a great view from the top.

Ready to do something?

Please be prepared, Three people lost thier lives on this mountain in 2015.